About Me:

Hello! I've been practicing in wholistic healing and energetic bodywork for over 10 years. I love exploring the world and all the amazing ways our bodies can find balance and health. While I was living abroad in Thailand, I discovered and trained in Cranial Sacral therapy, the art of gentle touch involving the fluids and flow of cerebral spinal fluid and fascial bodily systems. I studied under renowned craniosacral facilitator Rosemary Wallace. During my time with Rosemary I also studied Thanatology, exploring the the end of life process and dying with grace and gentle touch. I learned this gentle touch can profoundly improve a multitude of bodily impairments, from head traumas to accident injuries, to nerve pain and back problems, to strained muscles and major/minor aches and pains.   

I'm also an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master. I've been practicing Reiki for over 10 years, and it's interwoven into my very being and all that I do. When facilitating a craniosacral session my Reiki is also combined, bringing this healing energy in to assist your body with its healing work, to soothe and ease the flow of release. Often this may feel like a warm sensation or tingling in your body, very gently radiating through the areas of focus. 

My role and greatest honor is to respect these gifts I've been given and listen to and follow what your body shares it's ready to release, to provide a safe space of encouragement for your body, and to facilitate your body's optimal potential for healing.  

What is Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle bodywork healing modality. It involves the gentle touch of the fingertips on the body, with what feels like the weight of maybe no more than a nickel or dime on the skin. It encompasses working with the cerebral spinal fluid/CSF that circulates around the brain in the skull down around the spinal cord, as well as the fascia that is connected through the central nervous system. The fascia is very intelligent tissue that connects our entire body, it is in fact the largest organ in our body. Often when our body is injured our fascia and tissue moves to compensate for the injury, often over time the tissue ends up staying set in those injured pathways, causing pain and possibly discomfort in other areas for the body as well. 


Our bodies are extremely intelligent and know what they need to be healed or reset. My role as a practitioner is to listen and follow where your body leads me to, for what it would like to heal. This bodywork is done on a massage table where you are fully clothed. I tune in and listen to the flow of the CSF for any blocks, and when your body is ready to release those blocks in the fascia, we find what's known as the still point, where the body pauses to reset the tissue back to its original healthy pathway. You may feel your body unwinding or unfurling when this occurs, it could be something as small as your wrist rolling over, or as much as your leg unwinding across the table, or feeling warm or tingling sensations in your body. Everyone experiences feeling healing differently, based on what your body knows it needs. 

Booking A Session:

I'm available for sessions in the evenings on weekdays and full time on the weekends. 

To schedule your session, you can text or call my cell at (972) 697-9020, or email me at jenniferlynn@lifeforcehealingarts.com. You'll want to wear loose or comfortable clothing. 

One hour sessions are $125. 

One & 1/2 hour sessions are $175. 

I'm currently seeing clients at: 

Paula Taylor Energy

3024 E Fort Lowell Rd, Suite 101

Tucson, AZ 85716